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Dr. Eric

Born in Western New York, “Dr. Eric” was raised in a Christian home by a school teacher and a

pharmacist. His Grandfather was an Erie County Sheriff, an influential man with a strong appetite for

leadership, and a Conservative Christian focus. He influenced Eric greatly.


Married to his wife Laura in 1996, they moved to Charlotte NC immediately, and to Marietta a year later

for him to pursue a degree in Chiropractic at Life University. Dr. Eric graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic, as well as a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. He opened HealthSprout Chiropractic in Woodstock two months after graduation, and then opened his second office in Roswell one month after that. They later grew to seven locations around town, where he led over 30 chiropractors in building their health committed, lifestyle relevant approach to care...


How I Can Help You

What do
I stand for?

I stand for... freedom (a cliche to most)... the kind of freedom that lets me decide my fate and you decide yours.  The kind of freedom that this country was built on, the kind of freedom that at first glance might make somebody say "he doesn't care about others" as it relates to these past two years, but that I would then vehemently defend utilizing the scientific discoveries of these two years in the context of the known science of seven decades.  And I WILL demonstrate how my freedom does not put your safety in jeopardy.  I stand for the freedom that says it is up to me to teach my child right and wrong, it is up to me to put an end to inequality, and it is up to me to fill our hearts with love for our fellow man.  I stand for the freedom that equally puts me as the responsible party for my choices, as they relate to myself, and my children.  In my view of freedom, there is no government body that I can blame, there is no individual that is responsible for the outcome of our lives, there is nobody who is greater than me when it becomes to responsibility for my family.  

In this freedom, there is a home for the politically homeless.   So many who felt robbed of their standing on the left, as the leaders of their political goals, bent further to the left, leaving them stranded in an area of unknown.   But the common goal of all people is to raise your own children under the moral, ethical, religious, and social guidelines that you would bestow to them.    We can all support a school system that doesn't overreach in either direction to lead and corral our children into somebody else's belief system.  Regardless of how you see yourself on the social-political spectrum, this is for you... therefore, I AM FOR YOU.

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