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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Born in Western New York, “Dr. Eric” was raised in a Christian home by a school teacher and a pharmacist. His Grandfather was an Erie County Sheriff, an influential man with a strong appetite for leadership, and a Conservative Christian focus. He influenced Eric greatly.


Married to his wife Laura in 1996, they moved to Charlotte NC immediately, and to Marietta a year later to pursue a degree in Chiropractic at Life University. Dr. Eric graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic, as well as a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. He opened HealthSprout Chiropractic in Woodstock, two months after graduation, and then opened his second office in Rowell one month after that. They later grew to seven locations around town, where he led over 30 chiropractors in building their health

committed, lifestyle relevant approach to care.


Eric and Laura have two daughters, 17 and 14. Their older daughter rides horses competitively, and their

younger daughter plays competitive soccer for Cherokee Impact. Their children have been educated at

Kings Academy, Cherokee Christian School and now Fellowship Christian School. Eric speaks directly to

this as it relates to running for public school board. “My kids haven’t been educated in a public school

because I have wanted a Christian education for my kids, where I know they are getting a strong moral

and ethical leadership, and opportunities to discuss theology and ultimately purpose based living with

their teachers. I know we are giving up some academic opportunities by choosing this, but having more

control over curriculum and exposure has always been my purpose. For those who might ask, “how can

I lead if my kids don’t even go to the schools”, should understand that it is the best position to be in. I

have no fear of bias or judgement against myself or my girls. There is no reason for me to walk

cautiously among the board or administration.”


Eric has spoken out aggressively against overreaching public health policies for 20 years. “I have been

the guy who was screaming against the fear based effort to put in place controls during avian flu, swine

flu, SARS, MERS… any time there has been signs of public health officials using fear based propaganda to

add control, I have been there. With COVID, I believe one of the greatest differences was the rate at

which information spread through social media, causing more panic and uncertainty.” He has

demonstrated how willing he is to join the fight by jumping onto social media as early as March ’20

speaking against mandates, and warning that a mask mandate would be a certain path to vaccine

mandates. Ultimately, he stands for your freedom to choose.


Eric believes when it comes to education content, the parent is always right. Whether it be the content

of a history class, the inclusion of emotional thinking, equity training, CRT… in the end, the only way

there is a place for any of it, is if the majority of parents stand for it, and approve it. Your child your

choice. And if there is one thing that Dr. Eric has proven from his history, he is willing to fight alongside

of you, and if in the position to, he will fight on your behalf… alone.


  • Career spent battling freedom in health concerns

  • Faculty Member of Life University

  • CrossFit and soccer coach

  • Author

  • Devoted to enabling the pursuit of health

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